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Only 18% of SPAM is directed to adult-oriented content -- US Federal Trade Commission
There are currently 29.5 million spyware applications/applets on the Internet, of which 24 million are tracking cookies -- Earthlink/Webroot Software
66% of people surveyed would reveal their password to a stranger in exchange for a chocolate bar. When asked, 37% revealed their password without incentive -- Reed Expo

81% of surveyed PDA users say they store somewhat valuable or extremely valuable data on their devices -- Pepperdine University

There are currently approximately 100,000 computer viruses, but over 5.5 million spyware applications in the wild. -- Earthlink

Network Vulnerability Assessment

To understand the risks that face your business, you must first understand how many and what kinds of vulnerabilities exist on your network that can be exploited. Taking on this task can be very challenging without proper tools, techniques and experience.

While vulnerabilities can take many forms, they are most often:

  • Improperly installed/ non-existent vendor patches
  • Improperly configured system configurations
  • Improperly configured permissions
  • Insecure user accounts

ClearPath Security engineers have extensive experience in employing state-of-the-art tools to discover, prioritize and remediate the vulnerabilities that currently exist on your network.

Key Features:

  • Provides fast and thorough discovery of security vulnerabilities to quickly identify systems and applications at risk
  • Delivers prioritized and up-to-the-minute visibility on current risks, AND solutions
  • Cost-effective.  Protects operating systems and applications from the leading threat vectors
  • Utilizes the industry-leading vulnerability databases and tools (BugTraq, SANS, CVE and other sources)




Network Attack Trends

  • Automation; speed of attack tools
  • Increasing sophistication of attack tools
  • Faster discovery of vulnerabilities
  • Increasing permeability of firewalls
  • Increasingly asymmetric threat
  • Increasing threat from infrastructure attacks

For more information on attack trends, please visit the CERT® Coordination Center here.


ClearPath recommends a network vulnerability assessment on a regular basis since new devices are always being added to the network and you are only secure as your weakest link and last scan!
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