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During a 2-day period last summer, 215,346 separate sources were scanning for port 445 (MS-DS). This port is commonly used is Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) -- SANS Institute
77% of surveyed companies cited employees as a likely source of hacking attacks -- Juniper Networks
92% of surveyed executives consider malware to be their top security threat -- AT&T / The Economist Business Unit

There were a total of 17 Netsky virus variants released within 45 days -- Threat Focus

Virtual Private Networks (VPN's)

Virtual Private Networking is a solution by which two or more computers or networks can communicate securely over a public network. By creating a tunnel through the public network, a "virtual connection" is created.

VPN's may exist between an individual machine and a private network (client-to-server) or a remote LAN and a private network (server-to-server). Security features differ from product to product, but most security experts agree that VPN's include encryption, a tunneling protocol, strong authentication of remote users or hosts, and mechanisms for hiding or masking information about the private network topology from potential attackers on the public network.

ClearPath Security can assist in the specification and deployment of VPN solutions from a wide range of vendors. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options. We can provide a tailored solution for your performance requirements and budget.



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