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47% of all security breaches are caused by human error -- CompTIA

265,000 State of California employees' financial information was compromised when hackers penetrated its personnel database. Federal Bureau of Investigation

It is estimated that a worst-case-scenario worm could cause US businesses an estimated $50 billion -- International Computer Science Institute

The average time from connection to the Internet before an unpatched, unprotected Windows PC is infected with malware is 20 minutes -- Internet Storm Center / SANS Institute

66% of surveyed workers report that their employers have not provided them with any Internet security training -- Bentley College

Security Awareness Training

Employee security awareness training is an important part of keeping your network secure. Regardless of the amount of hardware and software deployed to protect a network, the end-user is where the "rubber meets the road." The best technology in the world can not be 100% effective if there is an untrained user in the loop.

Empowering employees with the knowledge of how their actions can impact network security and/or leave the company vulnerable is the first step. Getting them to modify their risky behaviors and practices is the ultimate objective.

As companies pour ever-increasing amounts of money into hardware and software to stem the flood of threats against their businesses, losses due to security breaches continue to climb. This is because the problem is not so much with the security technology deployed, as it is with the lack of security awareness among users.

All too often the breaches that affect business are caused by users opening an email attachment with a virus that replicates itself across the network, downloading a tainted program from a questionable source that contains a trojan, using weak passwords, or being tricked into giving up their passwords through social engineering techniques.

Users often have little or no formal training on security threats, countermeasures, policies or procedures because traditional training is just too expensive. Rather than employing even more security hardware, what is really needed is educating your employees in identifying security threats and properly responding.

It's clear that company-wide information security awareness and training must top the priority list. But information security is a complicated, sometimes overwhelming subject that people have little time to think about. So how can your organization quickly train staff on information security awareness, in a way that's relevant and interesting?

ClearPath Security offers a wide variety of security awareness training solutions including instructor-led classes, lunch-and-learn sessions, web-based training, as well as customized training materials and posters to jump start your own training programs. We also offer an electronic testing environment to ensure that your employees understand company policy, can exercise a minimal level of due-diligence and that their performance in these areas is well documented.


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