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Phishing schemes caused $1.2B US in damages in 2004 -- Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

99% of [external] security breaches target known vulnerabilities for which there are existing countermeasures. CERT Coordination Center

Over 20 vulnerabilities were found in consumer-grade firewalls and routers in the first half of 2004 -- Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

Nearly 70% of all vulnerabilities found are considered "easily exploitable" -- Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

Small Business Solutions

It has never been more critical for business owners to implement risk management fundamentals, adjust their security posture and protect their information assets. ClearPath offers several cost-effective solutions tailored to the small business environment.

Gone are the days when an anti-virus solution on the LAN and a firewall at the network edge provided adequate protection. For years, only large corporations had the budget for the technology required to offer the security and reliability that business in today's climate requires.

Until now, most small business owners felt that this advanced technology was beyond their reach.

Until now.

ClearPath Security has developed a number of cost-effective solutions to provide small business with the advanced solutions required to face today's advanced threats.

By leveraging technology and automation, we have been able to drive costs out of the support model, while delivering advanced, cost-effective solutions to the SMB space. We avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and instead offer a tailored solution for each of our customers.

Our solutions include:

Allow us to sit down with you and offer our expertise. Together, we can devise a plan that will be unique to your needs. The consultation is free, the benefits are immeasurable.

Solution detail:

Workstation and Server Snapshots (disk imaging)    UP
Disk or hard drive imaging is one of the most powerful tools in our disaster recovery arsenal. Essentially an image is an exact duplication of the state of a hard drive or system at a point in time. It captures not only 100% of the data, but also every user setting and the complete operating system as well.

In the case of a system crash due to hardware failure or virus, complete recovery would include replacing the defective part, restoring the image and restoring the data from backup since the last image. In total, a process that usually takes about 45-60 minutes. Compare this to the 10-12 man hours required to restore a system that is protected with conventional backups alone.

There are no applications to install, no operating system recovery procedures. Very fast. Very reliable and extremely cost-effective.


Power Cleaning for increased system stabilityUP
The fans inside your computer systems draw in air to keep components cool and prevent overheating. However, fans also pull in environmental pollutants and particulate matter including dust, dirt, carpet fibers, hair, and other airborne particles. The contaminants will build up inside your system forming an insulating blanket over the processor, memory modules and adapter cards causing components to overheat. This can also cause system lockups, crashes and hardware failures that will slowly erode the stability of the system.

Protect your systems and your investment by scheduling a Power Cleaning regularly. Your systems will offer better performance and reliability. Your employees will thank you as well.


Hardware / Software InventoryUP
Up-to-date network inventories are becoming a business necessity. Managing software licenses and hardware lifecycles is no longer a luxury. To effectively compete in today's marketplace, you need to know what hardware and software is running in your environment.

Ensuring that you are properly licensed for the software that your users have is critical, while it is equally important that only authorized software is running on your corporate machines. Enforcing your corporate policies and minimizing the risk from employees running pirated software or peer-to-peer sharing utilities is fundamental to your business success..

Key Benefits:

  • Documents the physical location of all devices
  • Build complete inventory of all IT resources
  • Quantifies current monetary value of IT assets
  • Identifies unauthorized purchases
  • Discovers and monitors all software
  • Reconciles software used against licenses held
  • Supports license negotiations with clear and accurate reporting
  • Alerts unauthorized installations
  • Saves money
  • Improves business performance
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Achieves confidence, peace of mind
  • Streamlines insurance claims after loss

Vendor Patch ManagementUP
With the time between the release of a patch and the release of a virus or worm that takes advantage of the vulnerability becoming dangerously short, often measured in days rather than weeks, it is critical for small environments to deploy patches in a timely manner.

And while a firewall may protect your network from some threats, it is not a perfect solution. Blended threats that propagate via email, laptops that are used on home broadband links and even files that are transferred from home PCs can carry agents that will exploit the vulnerabilities that are within an un-patched network.

Additionally, in the case of many IIS web server exploits and Internet Explorer vulnerabilities, the threat passes right through the firewall unchecked.

ClearPath Security has developed a solid patch management practice. Allow us to help you get control of vendor patches, increase your system reliability and overall security.


Malicious Software RemovalUP
With the #1 emerging threat in 2005 (spyware) not currently detected by the mainstream anti-virus vendors, you will need additional knowledge and tools to combat this emerging threat.


It can slow down web browsing, eat up hours of your support staff's time, and ultimately cost your company lots of money. And while the global list of active viruses has remained steady at about 100K,  the list of spyware agents that are professionally developed and funded has exploded to over 1 million separate applications!

ClearPath Security offers extensive scanning and remediation solutions to find, remove and protect your network from virus, worm, trojan and spyware threats.


Extensive DocumentationUP
Do you know where to find the administrative passwords for your computers? Can you quickly locate the phone number for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your emergency technical support resource? How long would it take you to find the correct cable that connects your firewall to your network?

While it may seem trivial, having accurate documentation that is well organized is crucial in the moments following a crisis. Often times, ready access to this type of information may mean the difference between a temporary hiccup and a full-blown service outage.

ClearPath Security has the experience to know what you will need and a simple, yet powerful system for maintaining this information.

Log AnalysisUP
Understanding Internet and email usage of your employees, browsing habits of your customers on your website, and usage patterns on your LAN can be helpful in managing your business operations.
  • Monitor Internet and intranet activity
  • Analyze current Web traffic
  • Audit individual users' activity
  • Support your acceptable use policy
  • Protect against porn and spyware downloads
  • Protect against trusted users network abuse


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