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"The RIAA has filed 7,700 lawsuits against defendants for alleged file trading violations on peer-to-peer networks."              --CIO Magazine

77% of surveyed users believe their computers are well-protected against Internet threats, while over 600 spyware applications were discovered on a user s 3-year-old PC during a government-sponsored study -- National Cyber Security Alliance

Attacks on company networks are nearly doubling every year. The number of malicious code attacks using backdoors (Trojans) to steal confidential information has increased nearly 50% -- Juniper Networks

One-third of all software, by dollars, installed globally in 2003 was pirated -- Business Software Alliance / IDG

In 2005, email Phishing attacks have 1-day totals as high as 13 million messages. Daily averages are 6.5 million messages.           --Symantec

Corporate Policy

Your Security Policy is a visible representation of your organization's specific security considerations, requirements, priorities, assumptions and responsibilities. As organizations continue to place more emphasis and importance on digital assets, the manner in which they are "handled" has a dramatic affect on overall information security.

Effective corporate policy is critical to a successful business. Policy is something that is part-and-parcel to the daily operations. It seems that sometimes policy is created because it is needed, but it then sits stale on a shelf.

"Shelfware" benefits no one and is largely a waste of time. An effective policy is a dynamic, evolving document that relates to the business in an intimate way. It is this policy that drives much of the security configuration on the network.

ClearPath Security can assist in the creation of a security policy that smoothly integrates into your specific business environment. If you would like to discuss your needs, please feel free to contact us.


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