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Annual losses to US businesses due to identity theft is $45 billion. The cost to individual victims range from $500 to $1200 -- Federal Trade Commission
California spent $691,000 notifying 1.4 million residents that their personal information was compromised by a database hack at the University of California, Berkley -- Silicon.com
The average identity theft victim will spend over 600 hours recovering from the event. -- Identity Theft Resource Center


A firewall, as its name implies, is the checkpoint or perimeter of your network. It stands between the outside world, and the internal, sensitive LAN. It prevents unwanted intruders from roaming around your network.

Acting as a gate keeper, it is the extension of your security policy. The firewall allows you to control the flow of information into and out of your network. This flow is based on a set of rules created by the administrator in advance and enforced continuously.

A firewall will:

  • Secure network access with a security perimeter.
  • Control all connections into and out of the local network.
  • Filter information flow based on defined rules.
  • Connect branch offices and mobile users
  • Authenticate users and applications to ensure enforcement of security policy.
  • Log activities for forensic auditing purposes.
  • Actively notify appropriate administrators of suspicious activity.

ClearPath Security understands firewalls, and more specifically, what they can and can NOT do. We can help specify and deploy the appropriate firewall solution based on your current needs and future expansion.

Routinely, your firewall should be audited to ensure that it is correctly configured and adapted to your evolving business requirements.

ClearPath Security also provides firewall log data mining services.



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