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"Information security isn't just about getting the right hardware and software; it is about getting the processes right and concentrating resources on business-critical services."                      -- Microsoft

Globally, 76% of all email traffic is SPAM -- MessageLabs
75% of surveyed firms report that they are using the Internet for sales and customer service operations. They also report losing an average $2 million a year to malware infections -- Aberdeen Group
93% of companies who lose data center access for 10 days or more file bankruptcy within a year. Half file immediately. -- Juniper Networks

ClearPath Security Failover Suite

100% Uptime has never been this affordable!

Running a successful business is difficult enough without worrying about lost opportunities because your customers could not reach you via email or place orders on your website.

When your website or email server goes down, you lose customers and revenue. In today’s business environment, this is simply unacceptable. Your web presence needs to be up 100% of the time.

In the past, failover solutions and “hot spare” servers were too complex and costly for small business. ClearPath Security has developed a solution that addresses this problem!

The CPS Failover Suite from ClearPath Security can provide smaller companies access to the same enterprise technologies enjoyed by the Fortune 500 for years.

The Redundant Failover Suite from ClearPath Security features the following four components:

  • SiteBacker
  • MailBacker
  • Redundant, Ultra-fast DNS
  • Site monitoring and notification

SiteBacker 2.0

With SiteBacker 2.0, your website is monitored approximately every two minutes for outages. As soon as any monitored service fails to respond, your web traffic will automatically be re-routed to a “hot-standby” server. This will ensure that your web traffic and your customer’s web experience are not affected.

Unlike other failover solutions, SiteBacker 2.0 requires no costly hardware or software and can be deployed immediately. SiteBacker is fully integrated with our resilient global DNS server mesh, ensuring both DNS availability and failover reliability.

Don’t have a second web server for failover? No problem. The CPS Failover Suite includes a redundant server that can be used to host your web content.

SiteBacker 2.0 and the CPS Failover Suite are a cost-effective, premium solution for companies of any size.

Key Features:

  • Multiple web servers in failover-chain
  • 100MB of disk storage for web site!
  • 100% uptime for web server
  • Seamless operation, fully automated
  • Quick implementation

MailBacker 2.0

Are bounced messages due to temporary network outages or server maintenance downtime causing you to lose emails?

The MailBacker 2.0 solution provides backup mail services for your domain. In the event of a failure, MailBacker redirects incoming email messages to ClearPath’s own secure, redundant mail servers. Using a “store-and-forward” technique, our servers securely store your messages until they can be delivered to your mail server once it is back online.

MailBacker will attempt to redeliver your email to your primary server on a scheduled basis for up to 14 days before returning it to the sender as undeliverable.

MailBacker 2.0 provides companies of any size with a simple, cost-effective way to guarantee that incoming e-mail is not missed while their primary server is unavailable.

Key Features:

  • 14 day storage before mail is returned
  • 1000MB of disk storage!
  • 100% uptime for email server
  • No software to install / maintain
  • Rapid deployment

With failover protection for your Internet servers, a failed server is rapidly detected, an alert message is sent to the owner and traffic is immediately re-routed to the “hot-spare” server. Your customers and your business are not affected.

Redundant, ultra-fast DNS

At the heart of the CPS Failover Suite are ClearPath Security’s ultra-fast DNS servers. Allowing updates as quickly as every 10 seconds, they are some of the fastest and most available on the Internet.

Don’t let too few or overloaded DNS name servers be the cause of website outages. Let ClearPath’s DNS network give you the redundancy and availability your business demands.

Key Features:

• Ultra-fast 10 second updates
• 5 redundant servers for maximum availability
• Supports SPF records for spam-free email

Site monitoring and notification

The monitoring system will constantly keep a watchful eye on your web servers by performing HTTP, TCP or UDP connections. Additionally, the monitor can look for a specific string in the returned data. If the string is altered, this may indicate evidence that the web page has been tampered with!

If the monitored server does not respond appropriately, the DNS entries for the server will be immediately changed, pointing to your “hot spare”. At this time, an email is also sent (pager and cell phones are the most common) to the website contact notifying them of the situation.

Key Features:

  • HTTP, TCP and UDP connections
  • 24-7 notification of system outage
  • Detect web site tampering
  • Multiple servers may be monitored in a fail-over chain


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