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"Security software and hardware that once did a fine job of guarding sensitive systems look increasingly vulnerable."           --Business Week

1237 vulnerabilities were documented in the first half of 2004 -- Symantec

P2P, IM and file sharing applications saw an increased infection rate for malicious software by 100% in 2004 -- Internet Security Threat Report

Blended threats and spyware are the leading threats facing the small business owner in 2005 -- ClearPath Security

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US -- National Crime Prevention Council

The average annual cost of malware cleanup is $283,000 per organization -- META Group

Free Security Consultation

How secure is your Microsoft environment?

Some IT security threats are deadly real. Others are overblown hype. Discerning the difference requires an expert partner that can help you intelligently manage your network security posture in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

With all the news devoted to threats and incidents perpetrated by remote hackers abusing the Internet, the number one threat to your network is still trusted insiders. The security of your internal networks may not have been given all the attention it deserves.

ClearPath Security offers to all new prospective customers a free no-obligation one hour consultation. This gives you the chance to meet us, ask any questions you may have about emerging threats, network security or any other relevant topic that is on your mind.

By performing a survey of your network, we will identify issues and potential threats. We will warn you of threats that our other customers have experienced, and work with you at developing a roadmap for your security program.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation with a CISSP-certified security professional.


Internet Hoaxes

Before you send out that virus alert or warning to all your friends, you may want to see if it is legitimate...
HoaxBusters @ US Dept. of Energy
Security Response at Symantec
The Big List


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